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Power to salvage
Collects discarded artifacts
Vulch (FFG).jpg
Any Phase
If you win an encounter (or make a deal) as a main player, your opponent gives you his hand one card at a time. Discard each card until you get one you want. You put that card in your hand and your opponent keeps what's left, if any.
You may use your power to collect any discarded flares as well as artifacts.

Vulch is an alien that collects other players' discarded artifacts. When it draws a new hand, it keeps its old artifacts in addition to getting a full new hand.


Edition Power Text History
FFG You have the power to Salvage.Whenever any other player discards an artifact card (whether after playing it or not), use this power to add the artifact to your hand. Any artifact cards you play are discarded as normal and cannot be salvaged.
If you draw a new hand, you keep your old artifacts after revealing them, then draw eight new cards in addition to the artifacts.
Originally developing as a structured, bureaucratic race, only the Vulches who were most able to grasp new opportunities rose to the top. Over millions of years, this inbred scavenging talent flourished and spread throughout the race. Now, Vulches are prepared to sue the discarded refuse of others to achieve their goal of universal supremacy.