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Power to eradicate
Eradicates opponents' ships
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Once per encounter, you may send one of your ships not in the encounter to the warp to cancel the effect of any one artifact card. The artifact card is discarded as normal.
You may use your power as an ally.

Void is an alien that has the power to remove opposing ships from the game instead of sending them to the warp. It is one of the most feared powers in the Cosmos due to its ability to permanently rob opponents of their ships.


As Void[]

Go in for strong attacks as early as possible to remove as many ships as you can. The fewer the ships the opponents have, the easier it is for you to have strength in numbers.

Against Void[]

Against Void, it is better to rely on high attack cards than superior numbers of ships, as if you do lose ships they will be gone forever.


Beware of aliens such as Healer, as they render Void's power nearly useless. However, Void is greatly favored against alien that rely on ships in the warp or on having ship superiority, such as Amoeba and Warpish.


Edition Power Text History
FFG You have the power to Eradicate. As a main player, when you win an encounter, use this power to remove the losing side's ships from the game rather than sending them to the warp. A player cannot be reduced to fewer ships than the number of foreign colonies needed to win the game. Any eradicated ships that would reduce a player below this number are sent to the warp as normal. Taught from vortexhood that no other intelligent life existed, the Voids were deeply offended to learn of alien races. They are now on a holy campaign to cleanse the heaves of all gross, material beings.

Mentions in the FAQ[]

  • Zombie's power is useless against Void, because while Zombie saves all of its own ships that would go to the warp, Void's power makes it so that they do not go to the warp in the first place.
  • Playing a negotiate against Void gives no compensation, because no ships end up in the warp.


In the current edition, Void cannot reduce a player to fewer ships than the number of foreign colonies required to win the game; any ships that Void would eradicate that would bring a player below this number are sent to the warp as normal. In previous editions, Void did not have this restriction, and if it was able to reduce another player to below this level, he or she had to discard his or her hand and was eliminated from the game entirely. As a side note, this is possibly the only way in Cosmic Encounter history for a player to be eliminated from the game.