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Power of catharsis
Takes other ships to warp
Vacuum (FFG).jpg
Any Phase
For each main player other than you who reveals an attack card, you may retrieve one ship from the warp.
You may choose which opposing ships are lost to the warp when using your power.

Vacuum is an alien that can take other players' ships to the warp whenever it loses its own ships to the warp.


Edition Power Text History
FFG You have the power of Catharsis. Whenever you lose ships to the warp, use this power to take along up to an equal number of other ships. You specify which player must lose them, and how many each player must lose. The targeted players decide which colony or colonies the ships are taken from. Ships lost to the Vacuum this way are in addition to any ships normally lose in an encounter. Suffering from severe necrophobia, the panicky Vacuum clings to others in a desperate attempt to save itself from the warp. Succeeding only in dragging innocent bystanders along, it takes solace in not going to its doom alone.

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