Cosmic Encounter Wiki

Hi everyone :)

Me and this wiki[]

I love board games and Cosmic Encounter is one of my all-time favorites. I enjoy contributing to wikias and when I found this wiki it was in a huge need of improvement, so I regularly go around it looking for improvements to make.

I am especially proud of the additions I made to the "Card" template: I added the color for the morph card, support for the new card types from Cosmic Dominion (Intimidate and Retreat), and support for the white and black destiny cards. I'm especially proud of myself for learning how to program wikia templates without using any sources other than the "Card" template itself.

I recently became admin of this wiki by inheriting it from Toomai, the previous admin, due to their inactivity. Even though BoardGameGeek user Just a Bill does a great job of keeping Cosmic Encounter data up-to-date with his Cosmodex 2.0 (please visit it and check it out!), I still enjoy maintaining this wiki.

I am against putting up strategy articles on this wiki. That's not to say that I want all the ones that are already on this wiki taken down, but I think that the fun in Cosmic Encounter comes from making the most of your situation rather than developing a long-term strategy.

Me and Cosmic Encounter[]

Found out about CE in 2013 through Tom Vasel's review

Favorite alien that I've used: Reincarnator, second favorite: Trader and Sheriff

Least favorite alien that I've used: Whirligig and Vulch

Least favorite alien to play against: Aristocrat (but only if the other players don't figure out its weakness!) and Seeker (depending on what it asks)

Aliens I want to play as: Prophet, Visionary

Favorite expansion: Incursion or Dominion (because of the reward deck and high-quality aliens), with Eons as a close second/third (because of the essence aliens)

Least favorite expansion: Storm (not much of a surprise there)

Favorite player color: Y; second favorite: W

Favorite card: Reincarnator wild flare

Favorite thing to do: Teach new players how to play, and stare at the reward deck (not at the same time of course)

Name-dropping: Played on Tabletop Simulator with Bill Eberle twice (beat him once!), and at Pax East 2017 with a Cosmic veteran (who had been playing since Eon) once.

Confessions: I have never played with hazards or space stations

Other interests[]

Out of my collection of about 90 board games, my current favorites are Cosmic Encounter (obviously), Terra Mystica (I own its sequel Gaia Project but want to play it some more before I give my opinion on that one), and currently Scythe. In addition to board games, my other hobbies and interests include anime, Nintendo, superhero cartoons, writing (fanfiction or otherwise) and drawing, and the theater.