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Power of patience
Limits length of game
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Each time the discard pile is shuffled to create a new deck, you may immediately establish a colony on any one of your opponents' home planets with up to four of your ships.
Each time you win a challenge or make a deal, you may send one of your ships to the warp to discard a token from your alien sheet. This is in addition to any tokens you may discard through normal use of your power.

Tick-Tock is an alien with the power of Patience.

Tick-Tock's power gives it an alternate win condition. It starts with ten tokens on its sheet (eight if playing with four planets per player), and removes one each time the defense wins or a deal is made; when the last token is removed, Tick-Tock immediately wins the game. If this happens at the same time as another player winning (such as if a deal that grants one or more other players their winning colonies also causes the final token to be removed) then Tick-Tock shares the victory with those other players. Tick-Tock can still win via the normal method.

Tick-Tock's power is unusual among the aliens of Cosmic Encounter because it affects the play of all the other players but does not grant its own player any direct advantage during the game.


Edition Power Text History
FFG Game Setup: Place ten tokens on this sheet (eight if playing with four planets per player).
You have the power of Patience. Each time any player wins the encounter as the defense or a successful deal is made between any two players, use this power to discard one token from this sheet. If there are no more tokens on this sheet, you immediately win the game. You may still win the game via the normal method.
Lurking in the depths of space-time beyond even the warp itself, this mechanical race waits patiently for the heat-death of the Universe, when it will rule over the strange abyss that remains. In the meantime, they subtly turn the races of the Universe against each other to prevent them from discovering a way to prevent the inevitable.