The terminology of Cosmic Encounter underwent a significant change upon the publication of the Avalon Hill edition and another minor change upon the publication of the FFG edition.

Below is a list of Eon/Mayfair terms and their current counterparts. Note that the FFG edition does not capitalize the names of any of its game terms, e.g. "Reinforcement" in Mayfair/AH became "reinforcement" in FFG. Such changes are not listed here unless the underlying word was changed as well.

List of terms

Eon/Mayfair FFG
Alien Power card alien sheet
base colony
challenge encounter
challenge card encounter card
Compromise negotiate
cone hyperspace gate
consolation compensation
defensive (main) player defense
Destiny Pile destiny deck
Edict artifact
external (base) foreign (colony)
offensive (main) player offense
planet hex[1] system
Star Disc[2] (See note)
system hex[1] system
token ship
  1. 1.0 1.1 Called "hex" because the planets were printed together on a hexagonal board.
  2. A Star Disc is a large round token with one side in monochrome and the other side in a player color. In the Eon edition, three from each player were shuffled to create the destiny pile, and one was kept in each player's system to indicate the system's player color (as the planets were all printed in monochrome).
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