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Power to whine
Catches up when behind
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When not a main player and not invited to ally at all, you may complain to one main player. If that player still does not invite you, he or she may not invite any allies (previous allies return to their colonies).
If one or more other players win the game and you are within one colony of winning, the winners must either allow you to join their win or you may encounter one winning player of your choice who refuses. During the encounter, none of the previous winners may ally with you. If you win the encounter, you and all your allies win the game. If you don't, the previous win stands.

Sniveler is an alien that can whine about what it lacks in order to force other players to give it something he wants. It can whine if it has the fewest foreign colonies, has the most ships in the warp, or lacks an encounter card it wants; if he does, the other players must agree to either give Sniveler what it wants or give up what they have that Sniveler is whining about.


Edition Power Text History
CI You have the power to Whine. As a main player, before allies are invited, if you have the most ships in the warp, have the fewest foreign colonies of any player, or lack an encounter card you want, you may use this power to whine about it. If you whine about your ships, either all other players must agree to let you retrieve all your ships from the warp, or (if possible) they must each place ships into the warp until each matches your number there. If you whine about colonies, the other players must agree to let you have one extra foreign colony of your choice or they each lose one foreign colony of their choice, returning those ships to their other colonies. If you whine about cards, you name a card you don't have (e.g., "I don't have an attack card higher than a 15"). Either one player must give you a card or all players must discard all such cards in their hands. Whine only once per encounter. The Snivelers developed in the evolutionary shadow of a closely related but older and more gifted race. Beset by adversity at every turn, they looked to their elder brethren for succor and defense. Now grown adept at self-pity and having liquidated their generous patrons, they turn their wet, envious gaze toward the heavens.