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Rift  _  is a card type introduced in Cosmic Incursion. Rifts with values from  3  to  5  are included in the Cosmic Incursion reward deck. They can be played at the start of any encounter to retrieve up to the rift's value of any players' ships from the warp. If a rift card is stolen from a player's hand, the rift detonates (is discarded) and forces the stealing player to sacrifice ships equal to the rift's value.

New rifts appear in the reward deck from Cosmic Dominion, with values from  1  to  3 . In addition to retrieving ships, these allow players to draw cards or even establish new colonies. When detonated, these rifts cause the thieving player to discard cards or abandon colonies.


(From the Cosmic Dominion rules)

Rifts have two effects. First, a player may play a rift to receive a benefit of ships, cards, or a colony as stated on the card. Additionally, if a rift card is taken from a player’s hand and kept, either as compensation or as the result of another game effect, the rift detonates, causing the thieving player to lose ships, cards, or a colony as stated on the card. After detonating, a rift is discarded.


According to Fantasy Flight Games' 2018 FAQ, a rift will not detonate if a player's card or power causes a player to give a rift to another player, because the rift is being "given" rather than "taken."

Also mentioned in the FAQ is that, because the rules for rift detonation state "taken from another player's hand and kept," if a player steals a rift and somehow uses another card or power to discard it or otherwise cause it to leave his or her hand right away, then the rift will not detonate. For example, the Trader Wild flare lets a player take a card from another player's hand and then give the other player a card from their hand. If a player used the Trader Wild flare to steal a rift from another player's hand, they can immediately give the rift back for the second part of the flare's effect and the rift will not detonate.

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