Cosmic Encounter Wiki

Regroup is the phase of an encounter in which the offense retrieves a ship from the warp and returns it to one of his or her colonies. If the offense has no colonies, he or she places the retrieved ship onto the hyperspace gate instead. There is one Regroup phase per encounter, unlike Start Turn, which only happens once per turn.

Cards and alien powers that say "at the start of an encounter" can take effect during this phase. If playing with technology, players can research or complete tech cards during this phase.

Phases of an encounter
Mayfair Any PhaseGame Setup RegroupDestinyLaunchInvitationsAlliancePlanningRevealDiscardNext Turn
CEO Any Phase Start TurnRegroupDestinyLaunchAlliancePlanningRevealResolution
FFG AnyPhase(FFG)(off).pngGameSetup(FFG)(off).png StartTurn(FFG)(off).pngRegroup(FFG)(on).pngDestiny(FFG)(off).pngLaunch(FFG)(off).pngAlliance(FFG)(off).pngPlanning(FFG)(off).pngReveal(FFG)(off).pngResolution(FFG)(off).png