Cosmic Encounter Wiki

Planning is the phase of an encounter in which each main player selects one encounter card from his or her hand and places it facedown.

Planning can be split into two sub-phases: before encounter cards are selected, and after they are selected but before they are revealed. Many powers that can be used in the Planning phase specify whether to use them before or after cards are selected.

Quite a few powers take effect in Planning.

Phases of an encounter
Mayfair Any PhaseGame Setup RegroupDestinyLaunchInvitationsAlliancePlanningRevealDiscardNext Turn
CEO Any Phase Start TurnRegroupDestinyLaunchAlliancePlanningRevealResolution
FFG AnyPhase(FFG)(off).pngGameSetup(FFG)(off).png StartTurn(FFG)(off).pngRegroup(FFG)(off).pngDestiny(FFG)(off).pngLaunch(FFG)(off).pngAlliance(FFG)(off).pngPlanning(FFG)(on).pngReveal(FFG)(off).pngResolution(FFG)(off).png