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Power of giving
Gives away cards
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At the start of a encounter, you may send one of your ships to the warp to lend your power to another player for the duration of the encounter. Until the end of the encounter, that player is considered to have your power instead of his or her own. The player may not refuse the loan of your power.
Any player to whom you give an encounter card must play it in that encounter if he or she can.

Philanthropist is an alien that gives its cards away to other players.


Edition Power Text History
FFG You have the power of Giving. As a main player or ally, after alliances are formed, you may use this power to give one card from your hand to either main player (your opponent, if you are a main player). Your opponent immediately adds the card to his or her hand and may play it normally. If, after using this power, you do not have any encounter cards in your hand and you are a main player, you draw a new hand. Rejecting a heavy-handed, dogmatic religious background, the cynical Philanthropists have learned to parody greed itself. Knowing that the Universe cannot bring itself to reject a gift, even when it is no present, the race has grown cunning in the art of self-serving charity.


Philanthropist seems like a non-power to new players, who would normally think that giving away cards is a hindrance. However, after a little while, one begins to see how Philanthropist can easily dump bad cards to get a new hand faster, while at the same time filling up others' hands with junk.

In addition, the Philanthropist can donate a good card to the player he is helping. This can be a good tactic to prevent the offensive player from obtaining the last foreign colony.

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