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Power to forsee
Forsees opponent's card
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As a main player, before encounter cards are selected, you may mix your hand with that of your opponent, then randomly take as many cards as you had in your hand, giving the rest to your opponent.
As a main player, you may end an encounter after your opponent reveals his or her card. Your opponent takes back his or her card, all ships in the cone return to bases, and play continues as if a deal had been made.

Oracle is an alien that is rarely fooled: its power forces its opponent to play their encounter card face-up before it selects its own.


Edition Power Text History
FFG You have the power to Foresee. As a main player, before encounter cards are selected, use this power to force your opponent to play his or her encounter card faceup. Only after you have seen your opponent's card do you select and play your card. During millennia of civilization, the ancient Oracles developed perceptiveness about the intentions of others to uncanny lengths. While reluctant to test the outer limits of their vision, they find even short-range prescience has given them the reputation of great wisdom.

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