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Power to protect
Allies do not go to warp
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As a main player, after alliances are formed, you may allow each player who allied with you to draw one card from the deck.
When you launch ships as an ally or offense, you may retrieve one ship from the warp to immediately launch. As the offense, this ship is in addition to the ship you normally retrieve during the regroup phase, but does not allow you to exceed your normal limit of four ships in the hyperspace gate.

Observer is an alien that does not lose ships to the warp as an ally. It also protects its own allies in the same way.


Edition Power Text History
FFG You have the power to Protect. As an ally, whenever you should lose ships to the warp, use this power to instead return them to any of your colonies and keep using them.
As a main player, when any of your allies should lose ships to the warp, use this power to instead allow your allies to return them to any of their colonies of their choice.
Seldom interfering in Cosmic affairs. the Observers have been around for millenia, simply watching the other alien races. With their advanced technology and strange abilities, the others were hesitant to draw them into their squabbles. Now, however, it seems that the Observes have decided that the time for action has come at last.

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