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A negotiate card.

Negotiate cards  N  (previously known as compromise cards  C ) are one of the types of encounter cards. They can be played during an encounter to make deals or collect compensation.


If both main players in an encounter reveal  N  cards, all allies return their ships to their colonies, and the main players have one minute to make a deal. If a deal isn't made within one minute, or if the players can't reach an agreement, both players must lose three ships to the warp.

In a deal, one or both players may give the other a maximum of one colony on a planet the player occupies, and/or any number of cards from his or her hand, the number and type of which are determined by the negotiating players. Players may also offer promises and other non-tangible things, but such actions are never binding and are not considered part of the deal - there must be at least one granted colony or traded card for a deal to be successful.

The Quash artifact can be played after a deal is made to cancel the deal and cause it to be a failure.


If a player reveals a  N  and his or her opponent reveals an attack card, the player immediately loses the encounter (regardless of the number of ships on either side) and his or her ships and all of his or her allies' ships are sent to the warp. However, the main player collects compensation. For each ship the player lost to the warp as a result of the encounter, the player steals one card at random from his or her opponent's hand and adds it to his or her own hand. Note that before any cards are collected, the player who must give compensation may play as many cards from their hand as they like, whether to get the last benefit from them or simply to stop the opponent from taking them, provided the cards can be legally played at the time.

If the opponent doesn't have enough cards, the player takes the opponent's entire hand. If no ships end up in the warp (e.g. through Zombie's or Void's powers), then no compensation may be collected.

Compensation can be thought of as either consolation for a losing player who simply wanted to make peace, or a sneaky way to lose on purpose in order to steal cards from the other player's hand and/or bring down a player's allies.

The Ionic Gas artifact can be played to prevent players from collecting compensation.

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