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Power to regenerate
Maintains 8-card hand
Mutant (FFG).jpg
As a main player, if you win an encounter or make a deal, take one card at random from your opponent and each of his or her allies.
As a main player, you may discard up to three cards from your hand before using your power to refill your hand.

Mutant is an alien that may constantly draw new cards, providing its hand is smaller than the number of cards dealt to start the game. It may draw cards from any chosen player or the deck, and does not have to draw all cards form the same place.


Edition Power Text History
FFG You have the power to Regenerate. As a main player, before allies are invited, you may use this power if you have fewer than eight cards to refill your hand. To do this you draw cards one at a time, at random, from any player(s) or from the deck. Draw until you have a full hand of eight cards. Evolving on a highly radioactive and unshielded moon, the protean Mutants quickly learned to augment their silicon-based heredity. Before long they began to control and accumulate key genetic codes from other life forms, stripping opponents of their most basic defenses in a Mutant drive to transform the Universe.

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