Power to bluster
Demands colony or loss of cards
Mite (FFG)
As a main player, after alliances are formed, if your opponent has more ships allied with him or her than you have allied with you, you may force all allied ships to return to their colonies.
When you use your power, you take any cards your opponent discards as a result, look at them, and add any or all of them to your hand, discarding the ones you don't want.

Mite is an alien that tends to have success as the offense. If the defense does not simply give Mite a colony, they lose all but three cards before allies are invited.

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EditionPower TextHistory
FFGYou have the power to bluster. As the offense, before allies are invited, if the defense has more than three cards in hand, use this power to bluster. The defense must either discard down to three cards at random or let you establish a colony on the targeted world. If the defense gives you a colony, land any ships you have in the hyperspace gate on the targeted planet. They coexist with the defense's ships, which do not go to the warp, and the encounter immediately ends successfully. If the defense discards down to three cards at random, the encounter continues normally.Long stigmatized by others as being pests, these swarms of microscopic Mites have learned to use their omnipresence to advance their collective dream of being accepted and respected int he Cosmic community.