Power of knowledge
Sees other players' hands
Mind (FFG)
When another player draws a card from the deck, you may use this flare. For the rest of this encounter, each time that player must draw a card from the deck, you may draw it instead, look at it, and then give it to him or her. You may not share this information with the other players.[1]
When you aren't a main player, using your power allows you to look at the hands of both main players.

Mind is an alien with the ability to look at the entire hand of any other player.

Text Edit

EditionPower TextHistory
FFGYou have the power of Knowledge. Before allies are invited in an encounter, you may use this power to look at the entire hand of one of the main players. If you are a main player, you make look at your opponent's hand. You may not tell any other players what cards you see in a player's hand using this power.Springing forth on a triple star system subject to constant energy fluxes, the Mind thrives on shifting wave pulses, ultraviolet rays, and gamma-release explosions. Extreme sensitivity to potentialities has enabled it to view with wisdom (and some skepticism) the threats of its Cosmic competitors.

From the FFG FAQ Edit

Mind's Wild Flare only needs to be played once, but the player who played the flare gets to see each card drawn by the affected player for the rest of the encounter.

References Edit

  1. This is not the text printed on the card, but rather errata from FFG's Cosmic Encounter FAQ