Power to hire
Plays cards as extra ships
Merchant (FFG)
As a main player or ally, after encounter cards are revealed, add 1 to your side's total for each card in your hand, plus this card.
You may replace any or all hired ships that survive the encounter with any ships you have in the warp on a 1-for-1 basis. Discard the cards representing the replaced hired ships when you do this.

Merchant is an alien that can temporarily convert his cards into ships.

Text Edit

EditionPower TextHistory
CIYou have the power to Hire. As a main player or ally, after encounter cards are selected, but before they are revealed, if you have at least one ship in the encounter, you may use this power to play one or more cards facedown from you hand as hired ships. These cards are treated as extra ships you have in the encounter and may be played in addition to your normal maximum of 4 ships as the offense or an ally. Hired ships cannot be played for their card effect and are not considered part of your hand. Other players may not look at or draw hired ships. Any hired ship that goes to the warp or is removed from the game is discarded. Otherwise, hired ships become normal cards again and return to your hand at the end of the encounter.Hailing from a world incredible rich in natural resources, the Merchants achieved star travel early in their history thanks to a crew of intergalactic mercenaries who crash-landed on their planet. Since then, the Merchants have frequently used their wealth and natural charisma to hire other races to do their fighting for them.