Power of bounty hunting
Always rewarded for winning
Mercenary (FFG)
When you win an encounter as the defense, you may receive defender rewards as though you were a defensive ally.
When drawing cards for rewards, you may discard any or all of them after looking at the cards.

Mercenary is an alien with the power of Bounty Hunting. It can claim rewards whenever it is on the winning side of an encounter, not just if it is a defensive ally.

Text Edit

EditionPower TextHistory
CIYou have the power of Bounty Hunting. As a main player or offensive ally, after your side wins an encounter, use this power to gain defender rewards as though you were a defensive ally (either retrieve one of your ships from the warp or draw one card from the deck for each ship you had in the encounter). This is in addition to any benefits you receive normally for winning the encounter.Originally created by another race to serve as police, the robotic Mercenaries were designed to be expert trackers and warriors, However, a terrible plague wiped out their masters and, left alone for eons, the mercenaries gradually became self-aware. Vowing that they would never be used as slaves again, the Mercenaries made their way out into the Cosmos, always being careful to exact a price for their services.

Trivia Edit

The alert lamps on Mercenary's FFG alien sheet are green, but the light they cast on the background of the card is yellow. This is likely a printing error.