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Power to hurt yourself
Tries to lose own ships
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During any regroup phase, you may choose a player other than the offense. That player retrieves a ship from the warp instead of the offense. You may not use this flare if the offense’s ships are all in the warp or removed from the game.
During each of your regroup phases, you may choose one of your ships in the warp and remove it from the game instead of retrieving it as usual.

Masochist is an alien with the power to Hurt Itself.

Masochist has an alternate winning condition - it wins the game if all of its ships are out of play (in the warp, captured, or removed from the game). It does not lose its power due to having too few home colonies, and it may still win the game via the normal method.


Strengths Weaknesses
Alternative winning condition
Careless about ships
Hard to change winning strategy midway through game

As Masochist[]

This is a difficult alien to play. The alternative winning condition is difficult, as after you've lost the majority of your ships other players can easily thwart you. Worse yet, this leaves you in a vulnerable position where you have too few ships to win the standard method. This tactic makes your flare a must-have as it vastly improves your defense against effects like Mobius Tubes that can 'save' your ships.

Another strategy is to try achieve the standard victory instead. You can risk ships to all abandon as other players will be incentivized to save them to prevent a possible win.

Against Masochist[]

The masochist is not too big a threat as long as someone has a Mobius Tubes on hand and they never have too few ships. Until that point, the masochist is a potential ally. After all, they have little reason to not commit four ships to your side. Either all four die or they get a colony/reward, neither of which are bad. If you pursue this strategy, just ensure that you don't push the masochist into an instant win.


Against the void, the masochist becomes far less vulnerable to effects that save player ships. And aliens like the cudgel should be careful in their attacks.

The Warpish becomes far stronger with the masochist constantly providing dead ships to buff them.


Edition Power Text History
FFG You have the power to Hurt Yourself. At the start of any player's regroup phase, before the offense retrieves a ship from the warp, use this power to win the game if you have lost all of your ships. Lost ships include those in the warp, those removed from the game, and those captured by other players.
You do not lose this power because of having too few home colonies, and you may still win the game via the normal manner.
The Masochists suffer from a neurological disorder where they derive pleasure from self-flagellation. However, some are beginning to wonder if it's really a religious ritual to bring forth their dominance in the universe.

House rules[]

Due to Healer making Masochist's power useless, the Cosmodex suggests that players use one of these two options:

  • Give Masochist the restriction "Do Not Use with Healer."
  • Give a player healed by Healer the option to leave their ships in the warp. Healer still draws a card regardless of whether the player takes their ships out of the warp or leaves them in the warp.