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Power to devour
Eats planets when alone
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At the start of any regroup phase, you may send 4 of your ships to the warp to destroy a planet that is not in the Locust's home system, removing it from the game. Any ships on that planet are sent to the warp. Afterwards, give this flare to the Locust. If the Locust is not in the game, discard it instead.
Once per encounter, you may devour one foreign planet on which you have more total ships than all other players combined. If you do so, all other players' ships on that planet are sent to the warp.

Locust is an alien with the power to Devour.


Edition Power Text History
CI You have the power to Devour. At the start of any regroup phase, if you have a foreign colony on a planet by yourself (i.e. there are not other ships on the planet with you, use' this power to devour the planet, removing it from the game and placing it on this sheet. Your ships on that planet are returned to your other colonies.
Each planet you have devoured counts as one foreign colony toward victory for you, even if this power is later lost or stolen. If this power is stolen, devoured planets do not transfer with it.
The Locusts recently swarmed out of their home system in a vast cloud of ships, searching for uninhabited planets that they could break down and consume to meet the ever-growing energy needs of their people. Needless to say, the other aliens are keeping a nervous eye on these destructive gluttons.

House rules[]

As it is very difficult for Locust to be alone on a planet, especially if the opponents see it coming, the Cosmodex suggests this house rule to make Locust stronger:

  • Each devoured planet counts as two foreign colonies for Locust instead of one.

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