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Kicker ×_ is a card type first introduced in Eon's eighth expansion and reintroduced into the current edition with Cosmic Incursion. Kickers with values from ×0 to ×3 can be found in the Cosmic Incursion reward deck. Each main player may play one kicker per encounter (allies may not play them). They are played face down during the planning phase before encounter cards are selected and are revealed along with the encounter cards during the reveal phase, when they multiply the values of the encounter cards. They affect attack cards and negotiate cards differently, as described below:

Player reveals Opponent reveals Result
Attack and kicker Attack or negotiate Multiplies the player's attack card's value.
Negotiate and kicker Attack Multiplies the number of cards the player takes from the opponent as compensation. If the kicker's value is negative, the opponent takes compensation from the player instead.[1]
Negotiate and kicker Negotiate No effect if the deal succeeds, but multiplies the number of ships the opponent must lose if the deal fails. If the kicker's value is negative, the opponent retrieves an equivalent number of ships from the warp instead of losing ships to the warp.[1]

Kickers are discarded along with the revealed encounter cards during the resolution phase.

Unique kickers[]

Unique kickers were introduced in the Cosmic Dominion reward deck. In addition to the multiplications described above, these kickers have unique effects which are applied if they are revealed in an encounter.

  • ×-1 (Reverse Polarity)
    • Multiplies all attack cards in the encounter. Does not multiply compensation or failed deals.
  • ×1 (Self Destruct)
    • Both sides immediately lose the encounter and all involved ships go to the warp without compensation.
  • ×2 (Duplicity)
    • When your allies' ships leave the hyperspace gate, they go to the warp. (Note: According to the 2018 FAQ, defensive allies' ships are considered to be in the hyperspace gate even though they are not physically placed on it; therefore, if you play this as the defense, it will send your defensive allies to the warp.)
  • ×2 (Jamming Signal)
    • All other revealed kickers are canceled and no reinforcements may be played.
  • ×4 (Give War a Chance)
    • Does not multiply compensation or failed deals.


  1. 1.0 1.1 Rules concerning kickers with negative values do not apply in the current edition, as the only negative kicker at present is the unique ×-1 (Reverse Polarity), which specifically states that it does not affect compensation or failed deals. However, negative kickers were present in More Cosmic Encounter, so this rule is included here for historical purposes.
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