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Power of humanity
Mostly harmless
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As a main player, if your opponent is not the Human, you may use this flare after encounter cards are revealed to change your encounter card into an attack 42. Afterwards, give this flare to the Human. If the Human is not playing, discard this flare to use it.
You may cause your power to add 8 to your side's total instead of 4. Also, you may discard this flare to zap your power.

Human is an alien with a simple power: as a main player or ally, he simply adds an extra 4 to his side's total.

The wrinkle to Human is what happens when his power is zapped - instead of losing the +4 as normal for a Zap, his side immediately wins the encounter.


Strengths Weaknesses
Always makes encounters easier to win Effect is minor

As Human[]

Human doesn't need much strategy aside from not always having to send 4 ships. Its power is automatic and almost always beneficial, and it has no downside.

However, the fact that Human automatically wins the encounter if zapped can cause interesting plays of Cosmic Zaps and Card Zaps. There is also the question of whether to save a zap to win or to use it against another alien.

Against Human[]

There isn't much one can do against Human, since it's guarenteed to provide a total of at least 4. Card Zaps become rather important to stop its auto-win.


Human's auto-win easily overrides aliens such as Virus and Tripler, but with only two Cosmic Zaps in the deck, timing is crucial. If not zapped, Human has problems with Anti-Matter and sometimes Loser - and being zapped in an upset causes Human to automatically lose. Human does okay against ship-destroying aliens, as it doesn't need ships for a total of at least 4.


Edition Power Text History
FFG You have the power of Humanity. As a main player or ally, after encounter cards are revealed, use this power to add 4 to your side's total. If this power is zapped, however, your side automatically wins the encounter. Warlike and fairly dim by Cosmic standards, humans are not seen as much of a threat. However, exposing a human to Cosmic energy can unlock strange and awesome powers. General consensus among the other races is that this is a course of action that is to be avoided.


The Human's description text and wild flare are references to the The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series: "Mostly Harmless" is the name of the fifth book, and "42" is the famous answer to life, the universe, and everything.