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Power of rage
Opponents lose cards or ships
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Start Turn
As a main player, before encounter cards are selected, you may force your opponent to discard one card at random from his or her hand. If he or she has no encounter cards left after doing so, you win the encounter.
Instead of discarding a card to use your power, you may show the card to the other players and then return it to your hand.

Hate is an alien with a rarely-used but devastating power. At the start of its turn, Hate must discard a card. Then, all other players must discard a card of the same type (if the card is an Attack, it has to be of equal or higher value). If a player cannot or chooses not to discard a card of the type, they lose three ships of Hate's choice.


Strengths Weaknesses
Effect can be very devastating Used very rarely

As Hate[]

Once Hate's turn comes around, there are two main paths it can take with its power. One is discarding a good card (such as a Flare), which will force everyone else to get rid of one of theirs. This is useful if another player is a threat because of a card, and of course if they decide to keep it they lose Hate's choice of ships.

Hate can also decide to attempt to discard a card type that it doesn't think anyone else has. For example, there are only six Reinforcements in the regular deck, so discarding one can make it likely that everyone else will be losing ships.

When it comes to deciding which of a player's ships to pick off, the choice is usually obvious - remove weak foreign colonies or important home colonies.

Against Hate[]

Hate is a power that is extremely important to zap, since it only gets used once every round. However, one should never assume it will be zapped, and should attempt to keep foreign colonies reinforced because of it. Hate has a sort of a chain reaction element to it - if it can pick off foreign colonies, the changes of it becoming the offense again and using its power again rise (due to lengthning the game).


Card-hoarding aliens such as Clone and Filch will give Hate knowledge about what it wants to remove from people's hands - not to mention that keeping said cards will cost ships. Zombie doesn't care about losing ships but still has to keep foreign colonies strong to avoid losing them. Macron and Spiff find it hard to keep foreign colonies with Hate around.


Edition Power Text History
FFG You have the power of Rage. At the start of your turn, use this power to force every player to either discard a card or lose ships. First, choose and discard a card from your hand. Every other player must then choose to either discard a card of the same type (attack, negotiate, artifact, etc.) or lose three ships of your choice to the warp. If you discard an attack card, your opponents must discard an attack card of equal or higher value. If an opponent has no cards of the discarded type, he or she must lose ships instead. If, after using this power, you do not have any encounter cards in your hand, draw a new hand. A short, physically unimposing race, the Hate evolved in a crowded part of the Cosmos and were pushed aside by other, more powerful, races. Forced to subsist on food scraps and the leavings of the other species, the Hate swore that one day they would be the ultimate power on the Cosmic scene.