Power to hack
Chooses compensation
Hacker (FFG)
You may prevent your opponent from collecting compensation from you.
When you collect compensation from the player of your choice, you may also give that player up to the same number of cards or your choice from your hand.

Hacker is an alien that alters the usual compensation mechanic. While most players must give up or take their compensation at random, Hacker may choose which cards he gets and gives. Hacker can also choose which player to take compensation from.


Can easily control its hand and take its opponents' best cardsMust sacrifice ships for best effect
Will be targeted by non-compensation card removal

As HackerEdit

Hacker is rather simple to play - take opponents' good cards and give them bad cards. However, there is a wrinkle or two. Hacker will want to keep a  N  or two so it can continue to use its power, since opponents will avoid playing a  N  against Hacker if at all possible. Also, since Hacker looks at its opponents' hands, it can be useful to remember what cards they have left for later. The main problem with Hacker is that it has to lose ships for its power to be at its best.

Against HackerEdit

Since compensation is useless against Hacker, any other way of forcing discards should be sent its way. Hacker's ships should also be targeted a fair bit, since it cannot take people's good cards without ships to spare.


Clone and Filch's stored cards are easy prey for Hacker, as are any cards belonging to aliens that like playing N's such as Masochist. On the other hand, Barbarian, Mite, and Trader will ruin Hacker's fun quickly.


EditionPower TextHistory
FFGYou have the power to Hack. As a main player, when collecting compensation, you may use this power to choose the player that you are collecting compensation from, whether that player was your opponent or not. You then look through that player’s hand and choose the cards you want for compensation.
In addition, when your opponent collects compensation from you, you may use this power to select the cards he or she gets.
Masters of technology, the Hackers have embedded various devices into their bodies in an attempt to improve their skills at computer fraud. Although geniuses when it comes to code breaking and decrypting data, Hackers aren’t much good in a more conventional battle. However, more than one would-be conqueror has learned to their sorrow that the Hackers have extremely nasty ways of getting their revenge.


  • As a homebrew, Hacker was previously named "Violin".