Power of attrition
Winners lose all but 1 ship
Guerrilla (FFG)
After you lose an encounter as the defense, you may blow your own planet up rather than allow it to be captured. The planet is removed from the game along with all of the attacking ships (your side's ships are sent to the warp as normal). A player cannot be reduced to fewer ships than the number of foreign colonies needed to win the game. Any ships removed from the game that would reduce a player below this number are sent to the warp as normal.
Each player you weaken that has three or fewer ships in the encounter loses all of his or her ships in the encounter to the warp.

Guerrilla is an alien that destroys all but 1 of the opposing players' ships they had in the encounter when the Guerrilla loses.

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EditionPower TextHistory
CIYou have the power of Attrition. As a main player, after you lose an encounter, use this power to weaken your opponent and each of his or her allies. Each player you weaken loses all but one of his or her ships in the encounter to the warp.Used to fighting against superior forces, the Guerrillas have learned to strike from the shadows, wearing down their opponents' numbers even when they lose a battle. Seeing themselves as heroic underdogs, the Guerrillas have set out to liberate the Cosmos from those alien races who would oppress it, whether the cosmos wants to be liberated or not.