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Power to outwit
Wins with 20 cards
Genius (FFG).jpg
As a main player, before allies are invited, any number of players you choose (including yourself) must draw a card.
As a main player, after encounter cards are selected, but before they are revealed, guess a number from 0 to 40. If your opponent reveals an attack card with a value within 3 of your guess, shout "Eureka!" and draw four cards.

Genius is an alien that wins when he has 20 cards in his hand. Instead of gaining a foreign colony when he wins as the offense, he may choose to draw a card for each ship he had in the encounter.


Edition Power Text History
CI You have the power to Outwit. As a main player or ally, whenever you gain a foreign colony as the result of winning an encounter, you may use this power to instead draw one card from the deck for each ship you have in the encounter and then send your ships in the encounter back to your other colonies.
At the start of your turn, if you have 20 or more cards in your hand, you immediately win the game. You may still win the game via the normal method.
Originating on a planet filled with some of the universe's deadliest predators, the Geniuses had to be smarter and more ruthless than any other creature on their world in order to survive. Now that they've left their home planet, the Geniuses have turned their prodigious intelligence towards a bloodless coup of the universe.

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