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General is an alien with the power of Leadership.


Edition Power Text History
CA You have the power of Leadership. AS a main player, after alliances are formed, use this power. You may immediately draw one card per player allied with you in this encounter. Afterwards, each of your allies may draw one card. A military society from their earliest days, the Generals have always placed a high value on leadership and charisma. Their history is full of some of the most inspiring speeches ever given in all the Cosmos. Whenever a ragtag band of warriors stands up to defy the odds, a General be there to lead them. Whether fighting the enemy on the beaches or standing with a few lucky men to fight for freedom, a General will smile and say, "I love the smell of Ionic Gas in the morning... It smells like victory."


Wild: After reveal, if you're losing an encounter, draw a card for each allied ship helping you, play all the Reinforcements and discard the rest

Super: If you used your power and both main players reveal attack cards, add two to own total for each allied ship