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Power of contagion
Spreads to other planets
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At the start of any regroup phase, you may force every other player to choose one card from their hand in secret. Cards are then revealed simultaneously before being discarded. Any player who revealed the same card type (attack, negotiate, etc.) as another player loses 3 ships to the warp. Give this flare to the Disease after use (or discard it, if the Disease isn't playing).
At the start of any regroup phase, you may move one ship from one of your colonies to another of your colonies.

Disease is an alien that can spread its foreign colonies to other planets as long as its foreign colonies consist of at least 3 ships.


Strengths Weaknesses
Splits off additional colonies from existing ones Dependent on the destiny deck

As Disease[]

The obvious strategy consists in using 3 or 4 ships as offense or offensive ally so that, when the defense's color shows up in the destiny deck once more, you can spread to another of their planets. Keeping track of the destiny cards is as essential as managing one's ships. Keeping fortified foreign colonies while at the same time keeping one's home colonies can be a struggling task that sometimes forces you to walk a fine line, as your power depends on having many ships.

Against Disease[]

As you cannot control how many ships Disease uses during encounters or manipulate the setup of other player's colonies, there's not much that can be done to prevent Disease from spreading. The best defense againt Disease is a strong offense which aims at decimating their ships. The less ships Disease controls, the more difficult the spreading becomes. When you draw your own card from the destiny deck you should consider using it to rid yourself of Disease's colonies in your home system, if there are any. Granting Disease a colony when dealing with them is generally is bad idea.


Gorgon and Poison are obviously Disease's nemeses as both powers counteract with their spreading. Pygmy's system can be difficult to establish a primary colony in the first place and Filth's system is no place where Disease can easily spread, either. Bully can give Disease a hard time to accumulate three ships on a single colony. Vacuum's power can weaken Disease considerably, the same holds true for Cudgel.


Edition Power Text History
CI You have the power of Contagion. Whenever any other player's color or a special destiny card that targets another player is drawn from the destiny deck, you may use this power to infect that player. If you have one or more colonies in the infected player's home system consisting of at least three ships, choose on of those colonies and take one or more of your ships from it, moving them to any other planet in that system. Your ships coexist with any ships already on that planet unless another game effect prevents them from doing so. On a wild destiny card, you many only infect that player chosen to be the defense. Long ago, having decimated all life forms on their native planet, the Disease seemed in danger of extinction due to their own success. The advent of interstellar travel, however, gave them a new lease on life. Once the Disease secure a foothold on a new world, it is only a matter of time before they dominate it.