Cosmic Encounter Wiki

discard pile is where cards are placed after being used or discarded. Each deck of cards (cosmic, reward, destiny, tech, etc.) has its own separate discard pile. Discard piles are usually referred to by name, except the cosmic deck discard pile, which is usually simply referred to as "the discard pile."

All discard piles are kept face up. All players may look through any discard pile at any time, but the order of the cards in each discard pile should not be changed.

If any deck runs out of cards and a player needs to draw cards from it, the deck's corresponding discard pile is reshuffled and placed face down to reform the deck. If a player needs to draw more cards than what are left in a deck, they draw the remainder of the deck, then reshuffle the discard pile, then draw the remainder of the cards they need. If both a deck and its discard pile are empty, no more cards can be drawn from it, except if it is the cosmic deck, in which case a cosmic quake occurs instead.

Listed below are rules that apply to discard piles for specific decks.

Cosmic and reward decks[]

At the end of each encounter, the played encounter cards are put into the appropriate discard pile (cosmic discard pile for cosmic cards, reward discard pile for reward cards). If the order of the cards going to the discard pile matters, follow the timing rule: first the offense's card, then the defense's. Used artifacts, reinforcements and rifts are placed in the discard pile as they are used. Flares are normally not put into the discard pile after use, but return to their players' hands.

While the front faces of cards from the cosmic deck and reward deck look the same, the backs are different, so make sure not to mix them up.

Destiny deck[]

The destiny discard pile is unique in that it is reshuffled when the destiny deck gets down to one card, rather than when it becomes empty. This is to make it difficult for players to predict which cards will come up for destiny, as otherwise players could easily determine the one card that was remaining to be drawn.