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Power of duality
Plays 2 encounter cards
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As a main player or ally, after encounter cards are revealed, if you have an attack card that is identical to one of the revealed cards, you may discard it, either adding or subtracting its value from the total of the player who played the matching card.
You may discard both your encounter card and your extra card after they are revealed in an encounter.

Deuce is an alien with the power to play two encounter cards together instead of one. If it plays two attacks, it adds them together; if it plays at least one  N , it uses only the  N  and ignores its other card. At the end of the encounter, it discards only one of its played cards (the  N  if it played one, or the higher attack card if it did not) and must return the other card to its hand. In addition, when checking to see if it needs a new hand, it does so if it has one or fewer encounter cards rather than none.


Edition Power Text History
CI You have the power of Duality. As a main player, after cards are selected but before they are revealed, use this power to place a second encounter card facedown off to one side. This second card is not considered your encounter card and isn't affected by game effects that target your encounter, such as those of the Oracle or Sorcerer. If both of your encounter cards are revealed to be attacks, the second card's value is added to your side's total. If either is a negotiate, they you have played a negotiate. After the encounter is resolved, discard the negotiate card if you played one, or higher attack card if you did not, returning the other encounter card to your hand.
When checking to see if you draw a new hand, do so if you have one or fewer encounter cards left, rather than none.
Twin suns and a double moon have endowed the ambidextrous Deuce with twice the strength of their opponents. Cleverly concealing their real motives behind an amiable mask, the duplicitous Deuce see universal control within reach.