Cosmic Encounter Wiki

Cosmic card back in the FFG edition

The cosmic deck (simply called the deck in card texts) is the main deck of cards used in playing Cosmic Encounter. Any time players are instructed to draw cards (including for their starting hands), the cards are drawn from this deck unless otherwise specified. Defensive allies' rewards are drawn from this deck if the reward deck is not in use. If this deck runs out and players need to draw cards from it, the discard pile is reshuffled to form a new deck.

If playing with 7 or more players, the large group cosmic cards must be added to the cosmic deck before playing. 


In the current edition, the cosmic deck includes 72 cards:

Flare cards dealt during setup are also mixed into the cosmic deck.

For the contents of the cosmic deck in previous editions, see: Cosmic deck/Historical contents.

Cosmic Quake[]

A cosmic quake is a special event that occurs if there are no cards remaining in the cosmic deck or discard pile and a player attempts to draw one or more cards from the cosmic deck. When this happens, all players must discard all the cards in their hands, then the discard pile is shuffled to reform the cosmic deck and each player is dealt a new hand of eight cards. This rule was added in Cosmic Incursion and is included in the 42nd Anniversary Edition rulebook.

No other decks besides the cosmic deck cause a cosmic quake; they simply run out and no more cards can be drawn from them.