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Cosmic Encounter Online (CEO) was the official online version of Cosmic Encounter, released in 2003. The game could be played over the internet by up to four players, with bots filling in empty spots. As of 2010, the game had 35 aliens, some of which were designed specifically for online play. As it was in the format of a computer game instead of a board game, CEO's terminology differed from the terms of the other versions; for example, cards were called "pods."

Cosmic Encounter Online is no longer available to play. It has been superseded by Cosmic Encounter Connector, available through Tabletop Simulator.


35 aliens were available, including six new aliens and three (Brat, Dork, Ghost) specifically designed for online play. Six aliens (Clone, Macron, Oracle, Trader, Warrior, Zombie) could be used by guests or free members; the others were only available to paid subscribers.

Anti-Matter Brat Calculator Clone Dictator Dork Empath Filch Ghost Healer Laser Loser Machine Macron Martian Mind Mite Mutant Oracle Pacifist Parasite Philanthropist Reincarnator Sapient Sorcerer Trader Tripler Vacuum Virus Void Vulch Warpish Warrior Will Zombie