The Avalon Hill version of Cosmic Encounter was released in 2000. Its production values were much higher than in previous editions: it included stackable plastic ships instead of flat cardboard tokens, a large plastic "mothership" that players could load their ships into instead of a flat hyperspace gate board, and full-color illustrations on the boards and alien cards. However, it was much simpler than its predecessors, as it included only 20 aliens (none of which were new) and no flares, only supported up to four players and received no expansions, and for this reason is considered by fans to be the weakest iteration of the game in terms of content.

This edition is notable for making changes to many of the game terms that would end up being carried forward through to the current edition - e.g., "tokens" became "ships" and "bases" became "colonies."

Aliens[edit | edit source]

Amoeba Anti-Matter Chronos Clone Empath Filch Healer Laser Macron Mind Mutant Oracle Pacifist Parasite Philanthropist Sorcerer Trader Virus Vulch Zombie

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