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Power of time travel
Can replay encounter
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At the start of any regroup phase, you may look through the discard pile, choose one card, and add it to your hand. Then, shuffle the discard pile together with the deck to form a new deck. Finally, give this flare to the Chronos if he or she is playing. Otherwise, discard it.
When you use your power, you may force your opponent to play the same encounter card a second time while you change your encounter card.

Chronos is an alien with the power to go back in time and replay an encounter if it is unhappy with the results. The opponent must select a different encounter card to play if able, but Chronos can use the same card again if it wants.


Edition Power Text History
CI You have the power of Time Travel. As a main player, after encounter cards are revealed, you may use this power to call out "time travel." You then return your revealed encounter card to your hand while your opponent sets his or her revealed encounter card aside. If your opponent has no more encounter cards in hand and shows you so, he or she instead returns the revealed encounter card to his or her hand. All cards played since the start of the planning phase are returned to their owner's hand. The encounter is then replayed from the start of the planning phase. You both can use any cards in your hands, and this time the outcome is final. When the encounter is over, your opponent takes back the card that was set aside. Unique among life forms, the Chronos has forever been able to pierce the veil of time and control its own past. Now, the elite of the race grows tired of a world where minor rivalries lead to constant paradoxes and time-quakes and has set out to redesign the Universe. That this involves altering reality comes as past history to the Chronos.