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Bleeding Heart
Power of Rapport
Low attacks become negotiates
Bleeding heart.jpg
Before allies are invited, you may declare "Peace Out!" and all attack cards with a value of 10 or higher become negotiate cards when revealed.
When you fail to make a deal, your opponent's ship loss is doubled.

The Bleeding Heart is an alien with the ability to turn a pitched battle into a reasonable exchange of ideas. By declaring "Let there be peace" before any encounter (whether or not the Bleeding Heart is involved), weak attack cards are transformed into  N s when played, and an alien who still chooses to fight their yielding opponent must pay extra compensation.


As Bleeding Heart[]

Bleeding Heart has a simple power with complex applications. If it is your turn, one option is to ante 2-4 ships and declare peace; an enemy with valuable cards in hand may hesitate to blow a high-attack card on you (which would entitle you to 4-8 of them in compensation), and be willing to make a deal instead. Beware of aliens that affect the value of cards; the Tripler can invert your intentions by elevating low cards and reducing high ones, leaving the wrong side hurting.

Against Bleeding Heart[]

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Edition Power Text History
CE You have the power of Rapport. On any encounter, before allies are invited, you may use this power to say "Let there be peace!" If you do, all attack cards with a value of 10 or lower become negotiate cards when revealed and all compensation is doubled. The Bleeding Hearts are an irresistibly beautiful species. All life and non-life forms they have encountered are awed and powerless in the presence of their beauty and the haunting aura of peace they release whenever aliens encounter each other. Their goal is to re-balance encounters between aliens and to create more peaceful Cosmic Universes where consciousness of every kind dedicates itself to appreciating the beauty of peaceful encounters.

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