Attack 08 (FFG)

Attack cards __ are encounter cards with double-digit numbers on them. When played in an encounter, its value is added to the number of ships on the player's side, and the higher total wins the encounter (with the defense winning in case of a tie). Attack cards in the cosmic deck most commonly have values between 06 and 10, while they can range as high as 40 or as low as 00 or even negative numbers, depending on the edition.

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Single-digit cards Edit

Until the FFG edition, attack cards less than 10 were only printed with single digits; effects that referenced a card's tens digit all stated that the tens digit of a single-digit card was treated as 0 for the purposes of these effects. FFG game designer Kevin Wilson stated that the decision to use double-digit numbers on all attack cards in this edition was made both for this purpose and because double-digit numbers have more of a sci-fi feel to them.

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