Cosmic Encounter Wiki

Some alien powers may be used in any phase of the turn. They are generally triggered by an event not tied to a specific phase. For example, the Zombie's power takes effect whenever it loses ships to the Warp, which can happen in a number of ways.

6 of the 50 alien powers in the FFG base game may be used during any phase. A full list can be found here.

Phases of an encounter
Mayfair Any PhaseGame Setup RegroupDestinyLaunchInvitationsAlliancePlanningRevealDiscardNext Turn
CEO Any Phase Start TurnRegroupDestinyLaunchAlliancePlanningRevealResolution
FFG AnyPhase(FFG)(on).pngGameSetup(FFG)(off).png StartTurn(FFG)(off).pngRegroup(FFG)(off).pngDestiny(FFG)(off).pngLaunch(FFG)(off).pngAlliance(FFG)(off).pngPlanning(FFG)(off).pngReveal(FFG)(off).pngResolution(FFG)(off).png