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Alliance is the phase of an encounter in which both main players invite allies. If invited players accept, they can send ships into the encounter to aid their joined sides.

In previous editions of the game, the points at which the players invited allies, the defense invited allies, and the allies accepting or declining invitations were all considered separate phases. In the Mayfair edition, the phases were named "Invitations" and "Alliance." These phases are all combined into one in the current edition.

Phases of an encounter
Mayfair Any PhaseGame Setup RegroupDestinyLaunchInvitationsAlliancePlanningRevealDiscardNext Turn
CEO Any Phase Start TurnRegroupDestinyLaunchAlliancePlanningRevealResolution
FFG AnyPhase(FFG)(off).pngGameSetup(FFG)(off).png StartTurn(FFG)(off).pngRegroup(FFG)(off).pngDestiny(FFG)(off).pngLaunch(FFG)(off).pngAlliance(FFG)(on).pngPlanning(FFG)(off).pngReveal(FFG)(off).pngResolution(FFG)(off).png